In his senior year my son’s habit became too much to ignore.  At school he had an altercation with someone and that person retaliated by keying  “Dope Head” on his car.  I didn’t even know then that dope was heroin. So, I decided to take a hair test for drugs for my son.  I didn’t know then about Opiates, Benzo’s etc.,  I didn’t know heroin was an opiate. I was at work when they faxed the results and I saw positive for Opiates, looked it up and saw it could be heroin. I put together the “Dope Head” vandalism on his car and told him he needed to go to a rehab.  He wanted to go to his prom first which was literally days away, his graduation the day after.  I took him and his date to the prom.  I didn’t even save the pictures, he looked emaciated, eyes sunken, horrible.  About two hours into the prom, the phone calls started.  He needed to leave, he was getting dope sick.  I went and picked them up and the next day I had to make the heartbreaking call to my parents. Your grandson”, who was like two peas in a pod with his grandma, is not going to graduation, I’m taking him to a drug rehab instead.”  I’ll never forget the disappointment I felt telling my parents. Horrible. Just so freaking sad.   No one knew he was using drugs.  I thought we would go to rehab and he would be cured“. He went to Veritas Villa upstate.  He was the youngest person there at 18.  I remember him looking at the older guys and saying he would never let that happen to him.  It didn’t.  He didn’t make it past 29… I visited, I went for parents weekend, did everything I was supposed to do to be supportive.  He was so happy, always happy when he was sober.   When he came home he was supposed to do 90 meetings in 90 days.  That didn’t last long and being with his friends and at that age, pills were used daily,  before long he was using again.  He went back to the Doctor that he knew would give him what he wanted and now he was 18, I had no rights regarding his privacy.  The Doctor started as our family physician, he knew my sons history of addiction.    Remember, this was in 2005, things were much different.  My son was one of the first few in our town, or at least his school,  to be introduced to heroin.  This would cause us, as a family many problems, I had no idea.

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