Last night I received a message from a family member. They are going to rehab after many years of alcohol abuse. The death of my son and the absconding of my daughter made life unbearable at this point. Being the mother, I am the one who holds everyone together and it’s in my nature to help. It’s probably that way in 80% of the situations. That’s why we are the Mothers, matriarchs and the bond. I know this has been a long struggle for them, mental illness and substance abuse has crippled their mind. That’s what it does, substance abuse. The abuser is usually self-medicating at some point and copes by using so as not to feel. Eventually, they are only comfortable when high. So, no rehabs available till Monday. Figures, unfortunately, addiction, mental illness, and alcoholism don’t have a calendar. So, I will stay with them, keep them from sickness, feed and serve them drinks until Monday then drive a few hours to rehab. That’s what women and mothers do right? ❤️🙏❤️

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