Last night I was going to the wake of an old school friend, 60 years young.  I was going with my best friend of 50 years!  While we were getting ready, I received a phone call from an unknown female.  She was looking for a car key that was in my daughter’s bag when she got arrested. My daughter had asked me to pick up the bag from the Police Precinct upon her arrest.  At this point, she was willing to talk to detectives.  She has since changed her mind. After I asked this person a few questions that she wouldn’t answer, she hung up. Shortly after a guy called asking for the key. Obviously, they got my number from my daughter. I told this person, I don’t have any key, asked who they were and why they were calling me.  They wouldn’t give their name but did say the name of a bad dealer that I had helped get arrested twice and  I would do it again.  This person hurt my daughter, physically and emotionally. When I told him the key was at the Police Precinct and he could pick it up there. He responded: ” Okay, I guess we will have to handle this another way.” I don’t know who hung up first, me or him.

You just lost a daughter. Bye Bitch”

Apparently, my daughter spoke to them last night from jail and she called me this morning asking about the key.  I told her I gave it to the Detective.  She was angry, “Why would you do that”,  she asked.  I thought that was a stupid question as she knows I would never see or help these criminals. And that is just what I told her. Her response was “You just lost a daughter. Bye Bitch” and she hung up. I’ve since let the Detective know about the phone calls and will update him now on my daughter’s response.  I’ve never heard my daughter sound so cold. I have never heard words like that come from her mouth. I blocked the calls from the jail and will not contact her again. She has dealt with the scum of the earth before as has my other children but somehow, I always get into it with these people because my children need me at some point to help them. In doing so of course, their counterparts get pissed and then I am in a bad position. But, I am not afraid. I am not hurt. I am sad for my daughter. Never in her right mind would she say things like that to me. I hope she comes to her senses and when she does it will take a really long time for me to let my guard down with her. I cannot trust her now, not only regarding using but also her loyalty. These drugs do crazy things to people and relationships.

Fuck Heroin!

After losing my son, her telling me I have lost a daughter means nothing because as long as she is alive, I am her mother and she is my daughter and I don’t believe she will be estranged forever. So much damage. Fuck Heroin!



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2 thoughts on “Cutting Ties

  1. That’s messed up… This makes me angry, sad and scared. So sorry 🙏 this shit won’t end for you. I miss that sweet niece of mine. Drugs are the devil!!

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