Needles In The Hay


“Needles in the Hay” is a documentary that not only showcases the stories of lives deeply effected by the opioid and heroin epidemic, but more importantly it hopes to explore ways to help the thousands out there still suffering. As this epidemic continues to spread and grow here in America, we want to help fight and resolve this crisis in anyway we can. One life at a time.

We can start trying to save lives right now.  Your support will allow us to expand the films reach and make a much larger impact.


• HELP THOSE STILL STRUGGLING. What is the solution? What can we do to help active users? First step in finding out what someone needs is to ask. In this film active users share their take of this crisis and how its effecting their lives. We want more people struggling out there to be heard. It’s not always easy getting into facilities or rehabs centers. IF YOU HAVE A LOVED ONE OUT THERE STILL ACTIVELY USING AND THEY ARE NOW READY AND WILLING TO GET CLEAN I WILL FLY ANYWHERE IN THE NATION TO CAPTURE THEIR STORY, AND FROM THERE WE WILL OFFER HELP IN THEIR ROAD TO RECOVERY.

BRING AWARENESS. We have lost so many of our loved ones to this epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in 2017 that 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose each day. It is with this urgency that we give those gone a voice through the ones that loved them. You will hear powerful stories from husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and even children left behind. We will interview many more families and allow many more to tell their stories. Bringing awareness is key to helping stop the spread of this crisis throught our already overwhelmed community/ LETS  BRING A VOICE TO THOSE STILL FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES AND TO THOSE WE HAVE LOST.

This short video has already made a profound impact for some of the  users who were brave enough to be interviewed on camera while in their addiction stage.

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