In 45 minutes it will be my Dannyboys 30th birthday and his first birthday in Heaven. The picture on the top right and bottom left are of him and his sister and his niece, taken three hours before his death. He had come to Long Island to take me and his grandfather to dinner with his first big check then went to a fair with his sister, niece and brother in law. He had enrolled in college and sent me the picture with his college I.D. he was so proud and had really planned on finishing. There is a picture of the courtyard of his apartment building that I took from the surveillance video from that night. You can see the perfect white heart between the leaves, that light is from his bedroom window. To the left is the shadow of a cross. That shot is from 8:30pm, just minutes before he would get home and die. The last picture is from his new job, he was so proud, he sent that to me two days into his job that he would be at for three weeks before he died. My tattoo is the last text message he sent. It was to a friend of his who he was telling that he hadn’t done drugs for a long time and “he loved himself now and his life”. Yet he used two hours later for the last time ever. I’ll never know why, I gave up wondering. All I know now is that my life will never be the same, my heart is missing a piece forever. His crazy sense of humor, his love for his family, his desire to have a normal life couldn’t save him from Addiction but…I know he suffers no more. I know he is with his grandma, his countless friends who passed before him and all your beautiful Angels here on GRASP. Dannyboy, please try to come to me tonight, I miss you more than ever imaginable. My beautiful baby boy, my love, my life. Forever…❤️🙏❤️

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Beautiful Dannyboy

  1. No pictures showed up. 😦 I’ve always felt that before those who die too young, they experience the best moments of their life before they go. Kind of a secret good-bye to those letting them know where there are going is better than here. That is an intuitive feeling that I have about death. I too am an alcoholic/addict, lucky to say now in recovery but it only takes one time. I am so sorry for your loss and cannot fathom your pain. He is an angel now watching over you.

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    1. I just reposted the pictures! I do agree with you though. His day was an exceptional one and everything was going his way. My tattoo reminds me that he was happy until the end. Love to hear of your recovery. Thanks honey❤️🙏❤️


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