I want to thank everyone for all your support during this most difficult time. I didn’t realize how hard Danny’s birthday would be but it was extremely difficult. I guess the fact that I received the autopsy report the same day exasperated all my emotions. I had requested it after reading that a lot of parents had also and it helped some. It was really difficult to read because they literally weigh organs and you get the full description of your loved one’s body upon death. The report raised more questions actually as his numbers weren’t high enough for an overdose, he had no visible track marks and no pills or alcohol in his body. I’m asking anyone out there if they had an autopsy done on someone who overdosed but the autopsy wasn’t done for three days after death? Does the time after death affect the amount of drugs in their system? I will probably call the Medical Examiner and ask her the few questions I have.

Danny had survived Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma ten years ago and I was glad to see he was still in remission.

Surprisingly enough, he was otherwise very healthy which reminded me how fleeting life can be. How sad that a perfectly healthy man can be gone in a minute from a drug that should be much more highly monitored in distribution as it can kill so swiftly. There are still questions that I will never have answers too, I know I am not alone. Many of the parents I speak to seem to have the same questions. A lot of their children were seemingly doing well, then poof, they’re gone forever. The finality is the hardest part to comprehend. Knowing he will be forever 29 as his sisters continue to live on, aging as he would have, myself growing older with a forever 29 son. He will always live on in our family, his niece and future nieces and nephews will know him through our funny stories and beautiful pictures of our beloved Dannyboy.

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