Addiction. Deciding to overcome addiction and live a healthy, sober life takes some work.  Still to this day, I will always advocate for 12 step programs.  I was talking to someone the other day, someone who was an active alcoholic for 45 years.  They had finally accepted the “Rooms” and are now an active participant in the sober life.  To hear them say the other day that sobriety isn’t just not drinking or drugging, it is a lifestyle change, was so heartwarming to me.  For years many people I know shunned the idea of the “Rooms” thinking it was a bunch of lowlifes under some kind of spell or something but once they really embrace the program, they become different people.  Kinder, more empathetic, more optimistic and sober!  They find that the people at these meetings are professionals, educators, students, moms, dads, sisters, brothers and friends.  The stories people share never cease to “Wow” the listeners, humbling stories of love and loss, trials and tribulations and support.  They range from teens to 80 plus years, all on the same road, recovery.  You can’t fake it though, you may try in the beginning but expect to be called out.  Not publicly of course but even I can tell if someone is just going because they’re doing their 90/90 or they really want a different life.

I’m writing now to the young generation.  Save yourself years of torment and loss.  Go to meetings, try a meeting a day for two weeks.  Please share your experiences with us.

My youngest daughter is celebrating two years this month!

It seems like a lifetime ago that she was using. She has transformed into a responsible, sober, mother, fiance, daughter and friend.  But, she made the choice two years ago, on her own to change her path.  She did it, brain injury and all, on her own incurring support of friends in the program.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.  I just pray that her sister follows her path when she is released from jail.

I sent my daughter some workbooks in jail so she can work on herself and her demons.  She’s called me numerous times crying, after a meeting or a session with her counselor or even after working the book.  It is pushing her to confront demons that addicts tend to mask with drugs.  She always shrugged off  bad experiences like they didn’t affect her but once she was willing to open up and feel sober feelings, I started to see changes.  It isn’t easy to go back to bad places and experiences but you cannot move past if you don’t acknowledge and work through your pain.  I’m not pushing the program on anyone but just sharing my experiences.  I have met the nicest people there, humbled people (I don’t have tolerance or room in my life for people who aren’t humbled.)  The rooms are filled with love, if you find otherwise, move on to a different meeting group.  You will find your niche and you will find courage, wisdom, happiness and hope.

Please feel free to share your experiences with recovery and your choice of recovery methods.  Praying for us all.

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